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Pocket Network Advisor: September 2018–present.

Gossipsub development: ~Jun 2018–present

Drops of Diamond founder and developer

Sharding development (to deprecated specifications until June, then gossipsub): Jan 2018–present

Programming languages: Rust, Python, Vyper, Go, C++, Javascript, and WASM.

Ethereum contributor

June 2017–present

Renewable energy background

Skills in the renewable industry include renewable energy, inverters, making bots, and technical support, as well as those below.

My interests include:

  • innovation in the sustainable energy industry, reducing costs and increasing supply, such as:
    • enabling energy technologies for intermittent renewable energy generation, such as energy storage (e.g. adiabatic compressed air and flow batteries), smarter and more interconnected grids, and demand side management;
    • sustainable energy generation;
    • peripheral energy technologies such as monitoring, trading, transportation, energy efficiency, and finance;
    • useful applications of energy.

Services include:

  • data analysis, e.g. Excel or r;
  • sustainable energy research and advocacy;
  • technical support;
  • solar system design & fault finding;
  • energy efficiency consulting;
  • CAD;
  • electricity markets planning and economics, policy analysis, and operation and control;
  • project management; and
  • sustainability design, simulation, and analysis in the built environment.

Technical Support Engineer / Customer Service Representative at Sungrow

March 2016—February 2018

See here for tasks completed, and here for the reason for leaving.

Solar Engineer at Solar Energy Enterprises

Two days a week from 12 July 2017—29 August 2017 with Solar Energy Enterprises and Clean Energy Corporation doing residential and solar solar project management, which so far (as of 30 July 2017) includes roof feasibility studies for solar installation and grid applications. I finished the work by my choice because I want to focus more time on Ethereum, and could be working full-time at Sungrow if I wanted to (which I don’t at the moment), but offered to post an ad on a Facebook page for my former school network to find a replacement.

Independent researcher on the sustainable energy industry


A summary of my findings can be found here.

Researching sustainable innovation from the idea stage of the technology life cycle through to commercial maturity. I do this to find areas that I would be most interested in contributing my time, energy and money to in order to maximise positive impact.

Founding Principal Tutor at TuWorks

July 2012—2016

Tutoring students from preschool to master’s level in renewable energy engineering at UNSW. Tutored several university students. Subjects that I have taught include: academic writing, renewable energy engineering courses such as Wind Energy Converters and Electricity Industry Operation and Control; Excel, chemistry, physics, maths, English. Read more here.

Project/Engineering Assistant at Todae Solar

I worked in a project team to assess the suitability and potential for solar at 296 sites in WA, Queensland and Victoria, using nearmap and Excel. I completed the project ahead of schedule with 1000 sites assessed by three project assistants (with minimal supervision from managers) in three weeks. There were two stages to each site assessment. The first stage was assessing whether the site was suitable for solar. This included screening criteria such as enough usable area for 5 kW of panels, after considering estimating the percentage of roof elements and shading. If the site passed the screening, we would proceed to draw the area where solar would be usable, then enter the area to calculate the size of the solar system. I took the initiative to use pivot tables and filters for quality control, and corrected any errors found, resulting in a high degree of confidence in the data. I also got quotations from UAV photography providers for marketing purposes using existing solar sites in Perth. The position was a temporary full time basis to get the project done from Wednesday 11th of November to the 27th of November, while the other two assistants started on Monday the 9th.

I was pleased to be told by Nikhil Dhyan, the Project Manager, that he was happy with my work. Later, when I asked if he could be a referee for a job that I applied for, he asked to find out more about the role so that he could “sell me as much as possible”. The General Manager, Tirone Kahn, said that if I am “an applicable candidate for future work we will surely contact you”.

The recommendation is available on my LinkedIn profile.

Product Development Manager at Solar Energy Enterprises

Worked about 4 hours a week for several weeks in mid-2015 as a product development manager, researching additional products to sell such as solar monitoring, hybrid inverters, and energy efficiency and energy monitoring devices. Solar Energy Enterprises is a solar sales organisation focusing mostly on residential systems. I approached them to suggest that they could add some products to their line, researched them, and made a proposal which included explaining how the products work, and benefits for sales staff and for customers. They ended up adding a hybrid inverter, a solar monitoring product, and an energy monitoring and control product to their product suite.

I also providing sales assistance and technical support at an expo and as a door-to-door lead generator doorknocker in late 2014 / early 2015.

Operations/Engineering Assistant at Solar Analytics

I worked in a full-time position from the 23rd of February 2015 to the 13th of March 2015. Achievements include:
– monitored data using a propriety software platform;
– used Zendesk to monitor, assess, and comment on support tickets;
– developed a training guide for solar installers on how to install and configure the SC-22 hardware used with the monitoring product;
– packaged and posted SC-22 devices to clients; and
– researched procurement of parts to assemble an outdoor rated adaptor box for the SC-22 device.

Village Infrastructure

I was a consultant pitching for funds for a contest for solar agroprocessing in developing countries. This was more of a project that took about a few days work in around late 2015.


Bachelor of Engineering (Renewable Energy) at the University of New South Wales, 2011–2014.

Honours thesis: a technical, economic, and policy analysis of sustainable energy measures for homes. The thesis is available here.

My training ground

Warehouse dispatch as an entry level store team member at Woolworths Mascot Online (10 February 2016-4 May 2016); gardening for several clients from roughly 2005–2015; candidate sourcing; marketing; sales; retail; project management; cleaning; data entry; forklift operation; and general labour.

I have also worked as a tutor at TuWorks since 2012 until late 2016, including with engineering students.