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About Ethereum

The original article has been removed as it is now maintained here in the Ethereum wiki. The wiki contains a wealth of information about Ethereum, from an introduction to someone who knows nothing about it, to details about different aspects of it.

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Holiday Satsanga with Brother Chidananda

Truly inspiring, uplifting, words inadequately express the love, peace and joy that I feel watching this satsanga: It will be a joy to study and apply this upcoming new edition of the SRF Lessons, and the digital, audio, video and other supplementary material will certainly be very helpful.

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Running and cycling

I feel better since I have started going for a run at least once a week again. I went for a run this morning and on Monday morning. I figure that this time works well for me since it gives me plenty of time to recover from eating; rather than running in the evening, then having a shower and meditating. Although I’ve done that too and it wasn’t too bad, although I do recall that I may have eaten before sleep and after meditating, which isn’t ideal. It’s also nice to run during the day, although on a sunny day needs to be earlier in the morning, otherwise I wear a long-sleeved shirt and light loose pants! However, in summer it is still light in the evenings.

I feel like I can concentrate better, have more energy, need less sleep, and have noticed less muscle twitches which have occurred often, most often in my neck, followed by my legs then wrists/arms. This is quite a remarkable effect! I should also note that I have always tried to get exercise every day, even if just walking on the spot and standing in front of my computer on a standing desk, plus walking around the house, etc. Since moving to the Blue Mountains with my Mum I haven’t been riding from Redfern (where I lived before from January 2016 to June 2018) to SRF Sydney Centre in Mascot every week, although I have still been riding on Sundays to Faulconbridge station, from Mascot station to SRF, and back, and from Central to Paddy’s Markets. But overall, not as much riding, nor as vigorous/fast between Central and Paddy’s and Mascot station and SRF, due to pedestrians.

Although it’s nice to run on different routes, so I am planning to do more riding to a destination, chain it up, then run, or just a ride. But I think I prefer running over riding as it’s not as efficient, you are expending more energy and working out more of the body, more evenly.

I ran regularly in high school, where I would compete in cross-country every year, and got to regional level in a couple of years (school -> district -> regional -> state -> national -> olympics/international). I’ve also been riding since I rode to and from school every day since around year 9, then for commuting. During uni I also ran, but was probably more sporadic due to uni schedule. After uni there were probably a couple of years where I didn’t run much or at all, then after I moved into Redfern I got into running and calisthenics, as well as riding to work at Sungrow in Milsons Point then North Sydney two to three times per week.

For other vigorous exercise, I played soccer from 5 to 17, then dropped out of that due to the expense and friction between other players. Haven’t swam much, probably also due to the expense. I did ride to Coogee occassionally and swim up and down the beach. Occassional tennis, but I guess I have also not done that much due to the hassle of arranging it and the expense. Surfing isn’t that vigorous but I have a surfboard, that I mostly used when on holidays with family back in my teens, and not much since. Bushwalking and coastal walks with family and friends. A bit of other stuff like kayaking and hiking with Duke of Edinburgh, frisbee (at picnics, uni), basketball (occasionally back in high school, at a local park).

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Finishing position at Sungrow

Today I was given a months notice, after which I will no longer continue in my position at Sungrow. If I had accepted full-time work a couple of months ago then I could stay, but they have hired a permanent full-time staff member, as well as a full-time intern for three months. I was also thinking about giving notice of termination for the position, since it was tricky having two positions and thinking about both of them, and isn’t great long-term, while it’s better to focus on one thing at a time.

I will now work full-time until I get funding on developing a sharding implementation, e.g. as a grant from the Ethereum Foundation (which I applied for and have had some response for, but not much; notably they wanted to see more progress).

Update: I have decided to leave my position today, 31 January 2018. I have handed over my tasks to other colleagues. I also asked my manager when he took us out for lunch if they decided to terminate my position because HR couldn’t have me continue working part-time. He said that it was also because of management as it was a bit of a waste of resources having an employee part-time. (He didn’t mention this, but as an example, it’s hard to work on projects if working part-time, and follow-up on phone calls and emails.)

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Cryptos vs other methods for international payments

To convert a cryptocurrency like ETH to a fiat currency like USD via an exchange or a site like does incur a small fee. For instance, charges 0.25% (for a maker) or 0.75% (for a taker). But if you plan to hold the ETH then it’s not as much of a concern. BTC Markets in Australia charges 0.7–0.85%.

It’s lower than the fee with PayPal (2.9% plus 0.3 USD) or a credit card (e.g. Visa has 1.5% plus $0.10 for a swiped consumer card), but for a taker it may be higher than an international bank transfer. One of my banks charges $20 AUD for an international payment request. So if you’re transferring over $10k then an international bank transfer is the cheapest option, but otherwise if you’re transferring less than a crypto payment may have a lower fee.