Free sustainable living advice

Simple tips for living a happier life


In this post I will outline some simple measures to help you live a happier life, spiritually and materially. Tips include how to find lasting happiness, and how to live a more comfortable life materially by saving money on accommodation, food, energy, water, banking, transport, and other expenses. A lot of the material tips are specific to Australia, but can be more generally applied elsewhere.

There are some ways to live more sustainably, such as:
– spirituality;
– sustainable energy;
– sustainable agriculture;
– a healthy diet;
– composting;
– growing food from food scraps;
– food cultivation at home;
– sustainable transport;
– population control with celibacy, self control; or sexual moderation with using sex not for pleasure but for reproduction, and to produce at most a number of children that is sustainable. I would suggest no more than two children, even no more than one as a precautionary principle until humanity is better able to manage itself and the environment, including managing the climate, energy, water, land use, agriculture, forestry, water, the ocean, and industry;
– accommodation;
– water conservation and efficiency;
– selfless service; and
– sustainable consumption.

For more tips, hover over “Free sustainable living advice” in the top header to access the drop down menu.


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