Free sustainable living advice

Simple tips for living a happier life


In this post I will outline some simple measures to help you live a happier life, spiritually and materially. Tips include how to find lasting happiness, and how to live a more comfortable life materially by saving money on accommodation, food, energy, water, banking, transport, and other expenses. A lot of the material tips are specific to Australia, but can be more generally applied elsewhere.

There are some ways to live more sustainably, such as:
– spirituality;
– sustainable energy;
– sustainable agriculture;
– a healthy diet;
– composting;
– growing food from food scraps;
– food cultivation at home;
– sustainable transport;
– population control with celibacy, self control; or sexual moderation with using sex not for pleasure but for reproduction, and to produce at most a number of children that is sustainable. I would suggest no more than two children, even no more than one as a precautionary principle until humanity is better able to manage itself and the environment, including managing the climate, energy, water, land use, agriculture, forestry, water, the ocean, and industry;
– accommodation;
– water conservation and efficiency;
– selfless service; and
– sustainable consumption.


Please keep in mind that the advice provided here is general advice only, and you’ll need to decide if it meets your needs. I take no liability for any outcomes arising from the reader doing anything related to this advice, although I do hope that if someone follows any of it sincerely that they will find it to be overall beneficial.

Detailed tips in sub pages

I have given some tips on sub pages, you don’t have to follow them. If you find that they are helpful to you, I’d deeply appreciate it if you could let me know, e.g. by commenting on this page, or by donating.


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